The Most Popular Golf Courses in Antalya

Antalya, known as the jewel of the Mediterranean, is a paradise for golf enthusiasts. With its sunny climate throughout the year and stunning natural beauty, the region is a prime destination for golf lovers. Antalya boasts numerous high-quality golf courses, and in this article, we will explore the most popular and outstanding ones.

The Most Popular Golf Courses

  1. The Montgomerie Maxx Royal
    • Location: Belek
    • Designer: Colin Montgomerie
    • Features: This 18-hole course stands out with its wide fairways and strategically placed bunkers. The natural terrain and lakes on the course provide both a visual feast and a challenging game. The Montgomerie Maxx Royal regularly hosts international tournaments and attracts world-renowned golfers. The modern clubhouse and luxurious amenities elevate the golfing experience.
  2. Carya Golf Club
    • Location: Belek
    • Designer: Peter Thomson
    • Features: Known as Europe’s first fully floodlit golf course, Carya is famous for its pine forests and white sandy bunkers. This 18-hole course offers a unique experience, especially for those who wish to play golf at night. Carya Golf Club hosts various international events and tournaments. Its challenging fairways and fast greens provide an appealing test for golfers of all levels. The clubhouse features a restaurant and relaxation areas, ideal for unwinding after a game.
  3. Sueno Golf Club
    • Location: Belek
    • Features: Sueno Golf Club boasts two separate 18-hole courses: Pines and Dunes. The Pines course features long and narrow fairways, while the Dunes course offers wider and more forgiving fairways. Both courses stand out for their natural beauty and challenging play areas. Sueno Golf Club provides an ideal playing environment for both amateur and professional golfers. The adjacent hotel offers comfortable accommodation options for golfers. Additionally, the lakes and green areas surrounding the courses provide a tranquil atmosphere for players.
  4. Gloria Golf Club
    • Location: Belek
    • Designer: Michel Gayon
    • Features: Gloria Golf Club has three separate courses: New Course, Old Course, and Verde Course. Each offers different difficulty levels and playing styles. The Old Course, in particular, presents an ideal challenge for more experienced golfers. The courses offer a golfing experience intertwined with nature, surrounded by pine forests and lakes. Gloria Golf Club also stands out for its modern facilities and professional services. The clubhouse, gym, spa, and various dining options offer guests a comprehensive experience.
  5. Kaya Palazzo Golf Club
    • Location: Belek
    • Designer: David Jones
    • Features: This 18-hole course is suitable for both beginners and experienced golfers. It offers enjoyable play with its wide fairways and well-maintained greens. Kaya Palazzo Golf Club is appreciated by golf lovers for its comfortable amenities and high-quality service. The strategically placed water hazards and bunkers make the game both fun and challenging. The luxurious restaurant and bar in the clubhouse provide a relaxing atmosphere for golfers after their game.


Antalya is a perfect destination for golf enthusiasts, offering world-class golf courses. The most popular courses, such as The Montgomerie Maxx Royal, Carya Golf Club, Sueno Golf Club, Gloria Golf Club, and Kaya Palazzo Golf Club, are notable for their high-quality playing areas and stunning natural scenery. These courses are ideal not only for playing golf but also for relaxing and enjoying nature. If you are a golf enthusiast, you should plan to explore these magnificent courses in Antalya.

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